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 Thank you for the Men's Gift Set! The packaging, the containers, all are cute and can be reusable. The scent and blend is great! I like it is not oily. The brush seems good quality, so far it has worked great. My husband loves it, and I enjoy the smell too! Thank you again! 

-Michelle, Wartrace, TN

 This honey is delicious! It is by-far the most floral tasting honey I've found locally. It is sweet and so yummy, I just have little tastes of it on a spoon sometimes, but I also enjoy it in anything else I'd add honey to (i.e. tea, oatmeal, cookies, fruit, etc). 

-Elizabeth, Mountlake Terrace, WA

  • "Hello! I suffer from dermatillomania, which is a disorder that makes people scratch and pick at their skin uncontrollably. This often leaves me with raw/broken skin, which takes forever to heal on its own. My assistant was in Louisiana over the holidays and noticed your Natural Healing Balm for sale and thought I could try it out. I LOVE it! The balm helps my skin heal so much faster than on my own, plus it smells great! I am so glad my assistant found this wonderful product, and I'm going to have to keep buying more as I use this up! Thank you for making such a great product!" 

- Tiffany,  Waxahachie TX 

 The Caribbean Sunrise Bee Bomb was my favorite. Very strong scent that stayed with me even through the next day. 

-Emma, Spanish Fork, UT

 Order shipped the same day as placed which is amazing. This body butter is thick & creamy and works wonderfully well. I ordered vanilla which is not a true vanilla, but more of a rich butter cream. I love the scent and I love the hydration. Could not be happier with this item. 

-Janice, Pinehurst, NC

 Excellent product and even more wonderful service! When all my other options were falling through, the owner worked with me to get this Shave Kit delivered quickly for a lady minute gift for my husband. The flip top jar on the shaving soap is such a clever and useful design. Also, the eucalyptus and mint scent is calming and not over-the-top like you find with many shave soaps. Thanks for making such a fantastic product! 

-Grace, Nashville, TN

  • I used this Pomade on short textured hair and it gave me just the shiny, piece-y style I was looking for. It was easy to rub through and finger comb into the look I wanted. Left no sticky or greasy feel. Because my hair is slightly thinning, I was looking for an all natural product. This stuff is awesome!!! 

- Stephen, Baton Rouge, LA 

  • I love this , I just absolutely love it ! The smell of the soap is amazing and it leaves my hand magically moisturized ! WOW I really have never encountered a soap that leaves my skin so silky and I'm like the soap lady , I collect expensive soaps for fun and this just became my number one favorite and its not expensive at all. I have no more words to describe this I'm just so dazzled.

- Mia, Baton Rouge LA

  • I ordered the Healing Balm for my grand daughter. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Celiac disease, when she eats anything with gluten in it, for lack of a better description it goes straight thru her. Being 2 and still wearing diapers this makes for basically stomach acid in her diaper sitting on her bum until we can become aware of the problem and get it off. Try as we may, sometimes it stays longer than we are aware of until we discover it. She will actually have blisters on her bum. It is horrible. Absolutely breaks my heart. When she gets like that I am willing to try anything. This cream seems to fit the bill for what we need. Hopefully we can avoid her being "burned". When it does happen we will have this cream at the ready. 

- Debbie,  Vidalia GA 

 I'm really really happy with my Shave Soap. The seller was more than willing to pack my order without plastic packaging, so this is a zero waste product!

It's a very decent size so I can see this lasting me quite a while, and the scent I ordered is light and very gender neutral, which I was glad for because most shaving soaps are very masculine scented.

I'm really happy with my purchase and I definitely see myself as a returning customer! 

-Tia Ray, Detroit, MI

  • I bought the healing balm for my son who has eczema. We have tried many products that either don't help or burn when he applies. Nothing works as good as this healing balm and he loves the smell. Thank you so much!

- Michelle, Livingston LA

  • Super-moisturizing lip balms that feel great on my lips!! 

- Stacey, St. James NY

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